Yankee Fan interviews Phillies Fan. The Epic Battle.

So… how come we never see fans interviewing fans in the media? The nitty gritty questions that we all want to see asked…. no ERAs no stats… just the stuff that matters most. So… I hand selected a “Frillies” fan to endure my anger-fueled questioning… all for the sake of intense investigative journalism… uh… blogging…

(**Disclaimer: No Phillies fans were actually injured or yelled at during the drafting of this blog. sorta. :))

Yankee Fan: What do you think of the New York Post putting your player in a cheerleader skirt on their front cover and referring to them as the ever so accurate name, “The Frillies?”

Frillies Fan: Initially I was kinda mad about the article but realized that such an article wouldn’t be written if the NY community didn’t have a decent amount of fear about taking on the defending World Champions.

(**he seems to have forgotten that they beat Tampa Bay last year.)

Yankee Fan: What’s up with your pitcher disrespectin my Yanks last night by laughing on the mound? Does he wanna fight?!

Frillies Fan: I knew Cliff Lee was a relaxed kind of guy and maybe I am anxious but his demeanor seemed too relaxed for me. I can’t knock him cuz he was “lights out,” but it really did seem like he was playing catch with his son. I loved it.  But, if we would have lost he would have been torn to shreds by the media.

(Cliff Lee must be tested for performance-relaxing drugs. Immediately!)

Yankees Fan: Why do you ruin steak with Cheez Whiz?

Frillies Fan: Whiz is freakin epic.

(This kid’s never had a Delmonaco at Tom Colicchio’s “Craftsteak” before)

Yankees Fan: Your team sucked for a long time. Whats up with that? Also, why a green fat chicken as a mascot?

Frillies Fan: Yes, we have been bad for a long time so its awesome to finally care about baseball in October. I remember the ’93 series when Joe Carter crushed that fast ball from Mitch Williams… Even at eight years old, I was furious. People make a big deal that we have the most losses of any professional sports team ever but, we’ve been a team since 1883 so they have had way more chances to lose than any other sports team in history.  As for the “Fanatic,” I dig it.

(Little does he know, he will add four more losses to that massive column come next week, and NYers love to eat green grilled chicken.)

Then he tried to ask me a question, and I flipped him the finger. 🙂

Till next time kids… Yankees in 6. SNL

me beating nicky up

Yankee Punch


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