“Where’s Freddy?”

I miss the “Clang Clang Clang!” of the “Freddy Sez…” frying pan, the hot dog guy who used to give me extra ketchup packets because he said he liked “Italian Girls,” (yikes!) and even the gospel singin’ Cheese Fries lady down in the Pinstripe Pub…  What happened to these Yankee legends?? The people who were part of the Pinstripe Passion… the folks who made it feel authentic.

Here’s what I dislike. Recently we’ve seen media coverage from the ever-so verbose Joe Buck, and again today from the twitter feed of ESPN1050’s Brandon Tierney’s saying the Yankee Stadium of old is gone.  They claim that the bleachers are quiet, the fans less crazy, and the spirit and emotion is no more.  Is it true? Are we looking at a new, “sterile” Yankee fan base?  If so, I hope its just some “fan PMS” that we’re going through.

But, we all know what we’re so cranky about. We can’t afford to see our heroes play right now. Let’s be logical…, the average Yankee fan who named his daughter Mickey Mantle and his dog Bucky Dent is most likely not able to pay for a $400. bleacher seat during the World Series.  It’s as simple as that.

It has nothing to do with the new concrete and bricks laid just across from the “House that Ruth Built,” and its not the absence of the “Stadium Club” or the “Pinstripe Pub.”  Let us see our boys play for a fair price.  Saying that we don’t care anymore is taking it too far. Go to any Yankee bar in the metro area and you’ll see throngs of people wearin Posada tees, downing pitchers of PBR and cheering “Youkilis sucks!”  Visit a little league field in the Bronx and I guarantee every kid is wearing Jeter’s Nike cletes because he is STILL their hero, no matter what the ticket price is.

So here’s what I say. We supported YOU, Yankee Stadium, during the good times (’96) and the bad (Carl Pavano.)

Help us out in the wallet dept. and we promise to bring back the screaming, chanting, fighting, cursing, and middle fingers of yesteryear that all of you sportscasters seem to miss so much.

Thats all I got. “Clang Clang Clang” SNL



4 responses to ““Where’s Freddy?”

  1. You should definitely be the 2009 Clang Clang Clang cheerleader for the Yankees. You’d be far cuter and sport such a fun outfit, I bet!

  2. I agree too, where the heck is that guy….he’s part of every yankee experience…everyone hits that silly frying pan and smiles when he’s around…and Joe Buck is a good guy and great broadcaster but there has always been a tone of Yankee dislike when he and McCarver do the games. I can’t say 100% that they hate the team but it feels that way.

  3. Joe Buck is the worst broadcaster ever and only has his job because of who his daddy was. He is always more interested in crowd shots than what is going on in the batter’s box.

  4. I only made it to one Yankee game this year, Yanks vs. Red Sox on 8/9. We sat in the main level in left field and was thrilled to see Freddy wandering around in those parts! I got to bang the pan and get a picture with him, as if I didn’t already have 100.

    Oh and joe buck is a jack ass yankee hater

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