Say What??

Ever travel to a foreign land and fall in love with it simply because of the language, or the food, or the people?… This was the case for me a year ago but… in New York, with 3 men, a song and a bar… Confused? So was I…

Upon my return to the Big Apple after a brief stint down south on the NASCAR circuit (will explain another day), my dear friend Ana invited me to a spot in Harlem called Camaradas to really get back into the swing of things, have a few Coronas and listen to what they called, “the best band ever.”  Immediately intrigued, I hopped in a cab uptown, paid my $5. cover and stepped into something I wasn’t expecting… I found myself, a nice guido girl in Spanish Harlem, a little bit lost, shy and suddenly in a trance by this amazing music. It had soul, beats, crazy amazing lyrics in spanish ( I’m not tri-lingual) and everyone in the house was feelin it.  This happened to be my birthday, and naturally, I was introduced to the band by my friends and met three guys, all different yet so connected through their music.  This was Navegante.

I am not a professional music critic but what I do know is that this music spoketo me in a language I could certainly understand. Navegante is fantastic live and their beats and performance never disappoint. The soul of their music is so unlike anything i’ve ever heard before. I crave listening to them and know that when Navegante is performing, I am guaranteed a memorable night.

They have become friends of mine and its now a personal mission of mine to spread ridiculous amounts of love for them and their music.  In a city that can get hectic and push your stress to an unknown limit, stepping into Camaradas and listening to the vocal stylings of Jean, Wash, and Guillo can easily transport you to a place where nothing else matters.

They made my birthday, my night, my week and my year and I urge you to catch a listen on their various sites. Check them on Facebook, and on myspace but check here for their music video. You can thank me later.

Oh yeah, the Sangria at Camadaras is pretty bangin too…


3 responses to “Say What??

  1. This was actually my first time at Camaradas and my first time watching Navegante live! And actually my first time out in a veeeery long time. I’ve been very down and out and very suicidal and a friend insisted I hang out that night, I called him many times on my trip uptown from Staten Island as I sat in almost 2 hours of traffic!! Telling him that I wasn’t going to make it because the traffic was bumper to bumper because of some truck dropping a crain on the middle of the highway right in front of the Brooklyn bridge! Ugh! But he kept insisting in a non aggressive way, he just felt I needed to get out, he really had no idea what was on my mind that night, so I sat there waiting till it opened up and just when I was about to give up, the traffic did, half hour later I was standing in front of the famous Camaradas, who new this night, this place, these people and this band would change my life. I’ve never had the true pleasure of experiencing this band live, up front and center the way I did that night add to that the love and kindness that just poured out of everyone I met that night including the band members, I couldn’t stop moving! I lost myself in the crowd of beautiful people dancing and jamming away to Navegante and for a while forgot about all my problems all my worries, I was at peace and happy for the first time in so many years add to that the intermission esxape over to Bartz a few doors down to watch Flaco Navaja sing all the classic salsa I grew up listening to just brought back so many memories of being back at my grandmothers house, jammed with family and friends, people who truly loved my grandmother and loved being around her, she had the most amazing heart people just congregated to her and how much she loved to play music and asked everyone to dance, she loved to watch people have a great time. I want to thank everyone I met October 30th for helping to have one of the best nights of my life and especially to one of the most amazing! loving! Fun! person I had ever had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Carlos Flores – the “Mayor” of Camaradas, lol. Because he is there all the time and speaks so highly of it, I now know why. Camaradas and the beautiful souls it housed that night are truly a blessing. I hope and pray that my daughter finds herself surrounded by such amazing and inspirational people one day. Stay blessed. Love you Carlos… And Thank you!

  2. Oh and the food and Sangrias were delicious!

  3. Wednesday is “Wayback Whensday”. Old school hip hop, with the legendary G-Bo the Pro.

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