Sunday Yummy Sunday…

As Ms. Badu says… “What a Day, What a Day…”  Sunday was more than a “funday,” a sleep day, or recuperating from the Halloween festivities day, it was a damn celebration!

I live on the Upper East Side, just a stone’s throw from the NYC Marathon route and when I tell you I cried tears of joy and inspiration all over my bagel and shmear…. i wouldn’t be lying.  The pain and determination of these people on mile 17 made me feel so proud of them and so proud of my city.

Naturally, we needed to celebrate their effort and gathered the Lombardo clan and headed down to Lombardi’s pizza at 32 Spring Street Yes, this is odd to some people. lombardisWhy does the daughter of a pizza man take her dad to a pizzeria with almost the same name? We’re spying on the competition!!! Na, JK. 🙂 We have a strong appreciation for a fine example of our craft and DAYUM was this a fine pie. We opted for the Napolitana pizza with pepperoni, anchovie and fresh mushrooms. A savory and delectable treat.  Few qualms though, 1) Pepperoni was too small. I like a larger roni slice per bite.  2) the anchovie was cured in olive oil, not in salt.  Sometimes the little things make a big difference. But, I am not a pizza snob all together, the wood oven char on the bottom was a delight and their San Marzano sauce was sweet and complimented the saltiness of the dough quite nicely.  The Lombardo family definitely approved. pizza

So… to celebrate a full tummy and a NYC marathon completed (by others, not me…) what else is there to do…? GO TO YANKEE STADIUM and cheer on the future 2009 World Champion Yankees with 10,000 other die hard fans! Exactly what you were thinking, right?

A quick hop on the 4 train and we were on our way to watch the Yankees play the Phillies on the jumbotron over at 161st and River ave, a generous treat for us poor Yankee soldiers

Let me paint the picture. You can sit in the expensive seats, heckle the opposing team because you’re surrounded ONLY by Yankee Fans and also get to spend some time in a place that is a haven for passion pride and pinstripes…  The fans were friendly, the food was tasty… (until they ran out and only started serving cheese fries) and the Jumbotron was bumping. Did notice that they were NOT serving cheesesteaks last night, a wise choice if you ask me. We even had a few Phillies fans show up but, they were promptly escorted out, serenaded by the melodic chant of “A$$hole! A$$hole!”  Can’t say I disagreed with the masses.

Next we were treated to an impromptu jumbotron interview with Bronx borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. asking the fans if we had read the paper announcing that the borough of the Bronx is trying to name a bridge after Derek Jeter! What a fan-friggen-tabulous idea?! Why don’t we re-name the GWB the “DJB” or the Lincoln Tunnel the “Jeter Tunnel.”  Still remains to be seen if this comes to life but, I can tell you everyone I’ve spoken to about it seems to be in favor. (Would the tolls be only $2.00?)  Overall, a fantastic night at the Stadium, capped off with a nail-biting finish and win. (Thanks for the heart attack, Johnny Damon.)

The lesson here kids is… use your time wisely. Witness greatness, eat slammin food (until you run out) and enjoy shouting profanities at Phillies fans with your family… a Sunday Funday for sure. 🙂 SNL

mom me yanks


2 responses to “Sunday Yummy Sunday…

  1. 1. Sad to say I still have to hit up your pizzeria – I feel a daytrip to Westchester coming up.
    2. Totally agree with your bridge/tunnel re-names. What wouldn’t sound better named after Jeter??

  2. The only thing that may be renamed the Jeter Tunnel is Alex’s Backside!

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