The Concrete Jungle…

We’ve all heard Miss Alicia Keys sing these words at the top of her lungs but… last night, we know people all across the country were inspired by them too.  There is a real sence of euphoria and hope going on around here.  People that would normally brush past you and knock you on the ground just so they dont miss the bus actually cheered, “Go Yankees!” when they saw me sporting my favorite Johnny Damon tee.  One woman actually smiled from across the way when we met eyes as we both wore our favorite Yankee Bracelet.

Is this the answer for world peace?! Could it be? Should we all just become Yankee fans and hug it out? I might be on to something… Well… I didnt say we were all perfect but… it sure does seem like NYC is enjoying it…

Oh… And tell me you heard about Joe Girardi coming to the rescue of a woman who got into a car accident on the highway between Westchester and the Bronx… he LITERALLY ran across the thruway and came to her aid. Thankfully she was alright but…. coaches saving lives, women smiling in the streets? What is going on here!

WAIT… WAIT… I SPOKE TOO SOON… the gangsta NYC kids of old are back.  See below…

smoke NYC… you’re such a creative bunch… And better yet, this was affixed to the wall of Yankee Stadium. Something I am sure Hal Steinbrenner appreciated.


With all of the love in the air, I have decided to take to the streets of Broadway tomorrow with my finest friends, illegally sip mimosas on the steps of City Hall, sing Frank Sinatra songs and scream, “Whose your daddy!?” at the top of my lungs for this is one of our finest hours and we deserve to celebrate it.

Thousands still will hate the Yankee nation and call us names such as “overrated” and “overpaid,” but, right next to those names, they’ll have to call us champions too.  If you’d like to meet up tomorrow at the parade and indulge in an adult beverage, tweet me Thats all I got kids… stay tuned for parade coverage tomorrow… SNL 🙂


One response to “The Concrete Jungle…

  1. I can’t believe the Mets fans couldn’t think of something creative like that. Maybe because they never actually beat Philly.

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