Hello my fellow Ravioli-lovers…

When one drinks heavily… what do they do? Take Alka-Seltzer? Pepto? Sleep it off? NO! They go and make Ravioli! This was the case for me following Friday’s bender a.k.a Yankee Parade where I stood in the streets with a pre-mixed gallon of Veuve Mimosa and my handy dandy Kodak Flip – Cam and cheered on my Champion Bombers to the point where I started to get lets say… a “lil tipsy.”  So belligerent uh.. um… “tipsy,” that it took me almost 36 hours to recover… and NOTHING was working to make me feel better. I tried it all… Saltines… Ginger Ale, Tums, Pepcid… standing on my head. Nothing cured the terrible hangover and heartburn… until, I put on my guido thinking cap and remembered… nothing makes a girl feel better than… Raviolis!!!! Yes… I sauntered out of bed, headed to Agata & Valentina (best Italian food shopping on the UES) and picked out their finest Porcini Mushroom Ravioli (fresh of course)… and crawled back to my apartment….  I decided that there wasnt a moment to lose so… the pot of water went on the stove and i was off in la la land with my pot of Porcini heaven.  What sauce you ask? None other than a nice sage and brown butter drizzle… (from scratch what what!)

In an effort to give SOME kind of valuable information… try the Ravioli selection over at A&V http://www.agatavalentina.com/ they have plenty of different options like: lobster, traditional ricotta, porcini, spinach, shrimp, fennel, pork… (OMG i die, i cant describe them anymore) and then pick up some nice fresh ingredients for your sauce. I suggest a nice truffle butter for your lighter veggie/fish options and for your cheese based ravioli, go with a nice thick red sauce. Warning!** San Marzano tomatoes only! The rest are a joke… porcini

OK OK back to the story… Presto Chang-o…. I instantly felt better. I had a nice tummy full of Ravioli and my 3-day long celebration of the Yankee Championship was complete…. I could finally relax pain-free and watch some football… until…

!!!WTF!!! THE GIANTS LOST TO THE CHARGERS? ugh… I feel sick to my stomach… 🙂



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