Love Stinks! Yeah yeah….

I really thought this was going to be the year the Jets made me a happy woman. I thought Mark Sanchez was the second coming of Jesus Christ and that Rex Ryan was the new Joe Torre and we’d be dancing in the streets every Sunday, Monday night, and sometimes Thursdays…

But no… this love affair is not meant to be.  The Gang Green have let me down again… What will it take for them to perform? They’re the Knicks of the NFL… They’ve got the money, they’re in a metropolitan city but, they stink worse than the Port Authority on a Saturday after Disco Bowling night… I wonder if the Famous Fireman Ed of the NY Jets fan section is even leading the crowds in the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Cheer anymore? Are the fans in the tailgating zones grilling up some Italian sausage and pepper wedges? I sure hope so, but according to my sources this weekend’s game was QUIET.

Listen, don’t get me wrong… I love the JETS! I went to Hofstra, paid for seats, heck, my own brother works for them!!!! But, I wont be easily swayed. I think they just need some good ol fashion cheering. We need to put on our rally caps, (Yankee of course,) take Sanchez out for a night on the town, give Rex Ryan a nice plate of RAVIOLI and meatballs and get them back on track. Come on now, lets stand up for our jets. Get up from your desks and let Fireman Ed lead you in our favorite cheer!!! Ready? Go! SNL


One response to “Love Stinks! Yeah yeah….

  1. Dirty Sanchez about to shoot his brown butter drizzle!

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