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Love Stinks! Yeah yeah….

I really thought this was going to be the year the Jets made me a happy woman. I thought Mark Sanchez was the second coming of Jesus Christ and that Rex Ryan was the new Joe Torre and we’d be dancing in the streets every Sunday, Monday night, and sometimes Thursdays…

But no… this love affair is not meant to be.  The Gang Green have let me down again… What will it take for them to perform? They’re the Knicks of the NFL… They’ve got the money, they’re in a metropolitan city but, they stink worse than the Port Authority on a Saturday after Disco Bowling night… I wonder if the Famous Fireman Ed of the NY Jets fan section is even leading the crowds in the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Cheer anymore? Are the fans in the tailgating zones grilling up some Italian sausage and pepper wedges? I sure hope so, but according to my sources this weekend’s game was QUIET.

Listen, don’t get me wrong… I love the JETS! I went to Hofstra, paid for seats, heck, my own brother works for them!!!! But, I wont be easily swayed. I think they just need some good ol fashion cheering. We need to put on our rally caps, (Yankee of course,) take Sanchez out for a night on the town, give Rex Ryan a nice plate of RAVIOLI and meatballs and get them back on track. Come on now, lets stand up for our jets. Get up from your desks and let Fireman Ed lead you in our favorite cheer!!! Ready? Go! SNL



Hello my fellow Ravioli-lovers…

When one drinks heavily… what do they do? Take Alka-Seltzer? Pepto? Sleep it off? NO! They go and make Ravioli! This was the case for me following Friday’s bender a.k.a Yankee Parade where I stood in the streets with a pre-mixed gallon of Veuve Mimosa and my handy dandy Kodak Flip – Cam and cheered on my Champion Bombers to the point where I started to get lets say… a “lil tipsy.”  So belligerent uh.. um… “tipsy,” that it took me almost 36 hours to recover… and NOTHING was working to make me feel better. I tried it all… Saltines… Ginger Ale, Tums, Pepcid… standing on my head. Nothing cured the terrible hangover and heartburn… until, I put on my guido thinking cap and remembered… nothing makes a girl feel better than… Raviolis!!!! Yes… I sauntered out of bed, headed to Agata & Valentina (best Italian food shopping on the UES) and picked out their finest Porcini Mushroom Ravioli (fresh of course)… and crawled back to my apartment….  I decided that there wasnt a moment to lose so… the pot of water went on the stove and i was off in la la land with my pot of Porcini heaven.  What sauce you ask? None other than a nice sage and brown butter drizzle… (from scratch what what!)

In an effort to give SOME kind of valuable information… try the Ravioli selection over at A&V they have plenty of different options like: lobster, traditional ricotta, porcini, spinach, shrimp, fennel, pork… (OMG i die, i cant describe them anymore) and then pick up some nice fresh ingredients for your sauce. I suggest a nice truffle butter for your lighter veggie/fish options and for your cheese based ravioli, go with a nice thick red sauce. Warning!** San Marzano tomatoes only! The rest are a joke… porcini

OK OK back to the story… Presto Chang-o…. I instantly felt better. I had a nice tummy full of Ravioli and my 3-day long celebration of the Yankee Championship was complete…. I could finally relax pain-free and watch some football… until…

!!!WTF!!! THE GIANTS LOST TO THE CHARGERS? ugh… I feel sick to my stomach… 🙂


The Concrete Jungle…

We’ve all heard Miss Alicia Keys sing these words at the top of her lungs but… last night, we know people all across the country were inspired by them too.  There is a real sence of euphoria and hope going on around here.  People that would normally brush past you and knock you on the ground just so they dont miss the bus actually cheered, “Go Yankees!” when they saw me sporting my favorite Johnny Damon tee.  One woman actually smiled from across the way when we met eyes as we both wore our favorite Yankee Bracelet.

Is this the answer for world peace?! Could it be? Should we all just become Yankee fans and hug it out? I might be on to something… Well… I didnt say we were all perfect but… it sure does seem like NYC is enjoying it…

Oh… And tell me you heard about Joe Girardi coming to the rescue of a woman who got into a car accident on the highway between Westchester and the Bronx… he LITERALLY ran across the thruway and came to her aid. Thankfully she was alright but…. coaches saving lives, women smiling in the streets? What is going on here!

WAIT… WAIT… I SPOKE TOO SOON… the gangsta NYC kids of old are back.  See below…

smoke NYC… you’re such a creative bunch… And better yet, this was affixed to the wall of Yankee Stadium. Something I am sure Hal Steinbrenner appreciated.


With all of the love in the air, I have decided to take to the streets of Broadway tomorrow with my finest friends, illegally sip mimosas on the steps of City Hall, sing Frank Sinatra songs and scream, “Whose your daddy!?” at the top of my lungs for this is one of our finest hours and we deserve to celebrate it.

Thousands still will hate the Yankee nation and call us names such as “overrated” and “overpaid,” but, right next to those names, they’ll have to call us champions too.  If you’d like to meet up tomorrow at the parade and indulge in an adult beverage, tweet me Thats all I got kids… stay tuned for parade coverage tomorrow… SNL 🙂

Say What??

Ever travel to a foreign land and fall in love with it simply because of the language, or the food, or the people?… This was the case for me a year ago but… in New York, with 3 men, a song and a bar… Confused? So was I…

Upon my return to the Big Apple after a brief stint down south on the NASCAR circuit (will explain another day), my dear friend Ana invited me to a spot in Harlem called Camaradas to really get back into the swing of things, have a few Coronas and listen to what they called, “the best band ever.”  Immediately intrigued, I hopped in a cab uptown, paid my $5. cover and stepped into something I wasn’t expecting… I found myself, a nice guido girl in Spanish Harlem, a little bit lost, shy and suddenly in a trance by this amazing music. It had soul, beats, crazy amazing lyrics in spanish ( I’m not tri-lingual) and everyone in the house was feelin it.  This happened to be my birthday, and naturally, I was introduced to the band by my friends and met three guys, all different yet so connected through their music.  This was Navegante.

I am not a professional music critic but what I do know is that this music spoketo me in a language I could certainly understand. Navegante is fantastic live and their beats and performance never disappoint. The soul of their music is so unlike anything i’ve ever heard before. I crave listening to them and know that when Navegante is performing, I am guaranteed a memorable night.

They have become friends of mine and its now a personal mission of mine to spread ridiculous amounts of love for them and their music.  In a city that can get hectic and push your stress to an unknown limit, stepping into Camaradas and listening to the vocal stylings of Jean, Wash, and Guillo can easily transport you to a place where nothing else matters.

They made my birthday, my night, my week and my year and I urge you to catch a listen on their various sites. Check them on Facebook, and on myspace but check here for their music video. You can thank me later.

Oh yeah, the Sangria at Camadaras is pretty bangin too…

Sunday Yummy Sunday…

As Ms. Badu says… “What a Day, What a Day…”  Sunday was more than a “funday,” a sleep day, or recuperating from the Halloween festivities day, it was a damn celebration!

I live on the Upper East Side, just a stone’s throw from the NYC Marathon route and when I tell you I cried tears of joy and inspiration all over my bagel and shmear…. i wouldn’t be lying.  The pain and determination of these people on mile 17 made me feel so proud of them and so proud of my city.

Naturally, we needed to celebrate their effort and gathered the Lombardo clan and headed down to Lombardi’s pizza at 32 Spring Street Yes, this is odd to some people. lombardisWhy does the daughter of a pizza man take her dad to a pizzeria with almost the same name? We’re spying on the competition!!! Na, JK. 🙂 We have a strong appreciation for a fine example of our craft and DAYUM was this a fine pie. We opted for the Napolitana pizza with pepperoni, anchovie and fresh mushrooms. A savory and delectable treat.  Few qualms though, 1) Pepperoni was too small. I like a larger roni slice per bite.  2) the anchovie was cured in olive oil, not in salt.  Sometimes the little things make a big difference. But, I am not a pizza snob all together, the wood oven char on the bottom was a delight and their San Marzano sauce was sweet and complimented the saltiness of the dough quite nicely.  The Lombardo family definitely approved. pizza

So… to celebrate a full tummy and a NYC marathon completed (by others, not me…) what else is there to do…? GO TO YANKEE STADIUM and cheer on the future 2009 World Champion Yankees with 10,000 other die hard fans! Exactly what you were thinking, right?

A quick hop on the 4 train and we were on our way to watch the Yankees play the Phillies on the jumbotron over at 161st and River ave, a generous treat for us poor Yankee soldiers

Let me paint the picture. You can sit in the expensive seats, heckle the opposing team because you’re surrounded ONLY by Yankee Fans and also get to spend some time in a place that is a haven for passion pride and pinstripes…  The fans were friendly, the food was tasty… (until they ran out and only started serving cheese fries) and the Jumbotron was bumping. Did notice that they were NOT serving cheesesteaks last night, a wise choice if you ask me. We even had a few Phillies fans show up but, they were promptly escorted out, serenaded by the melodic chant of “A$$hole! A$$hole!”  Can’t say I disagreed with the masses.

Next we were treated to an impromptu jumbotron interview with Bronx borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. asking the fans if we had read the paper announcing that the borough of the Bronx is trying to name a bridge after Derek Jeter! What a fan-friggen-tabulous idea?! Why don’t we re-name the GWB the “DJB” or the Lincoln Tunnel the “Jeter Tunnel.”  Still remains to be seen if this comes to life but, I can tell you everyone I’ve spoken to about it seems to be in favor. (Would the tolls be only $2.00?)  Overall, a fantastic night at the Stadium, capped off with a nail-biting finish and win. (Thanks for the heart attack, Johnny Damon.)

The lesson here kids is… use your time wisely. Witness greatness, eat slammin food (until you run out) and enjoy shouting profanities at Phillies fans with your family… a Sunday Funday for sure. 🙂 SNL

mom me yanks

“Where’s Freddy?”

I miss the “Clang Clang Clang!” of the “Freddy Sez…” frying pan, the hot dog guy who used to give me extra ketchup packets because he said he liked “Italian Girls,” (yikes!) and even the gospel singin’ Cheese Fries lady down in the Pinstripe Pub…  What happened to these Yankee legends?? The people who were part of the Pinstripe Passion… the folks who made it feel authentic.

Here’s what I dislike. Recently we’ve seen media coverage from the ever-so verbose Joe Buck, and again today from the twitter feed of ESPN1050’s Brandon Tierney’s saying the Yankee Stadium of old is gone.  They claim that the bleachers are quiet, the fans less crazy, and the spirit and emotion is no more.  Is it true? Are we looking at a new, “sterile” Yankee fan base?  If so, I hope its just some “fan PMS” that we’re going through.

But, we all know what we’re so cranky about. We can’t afford to see our heroes play right now. Let’s be logical…, the average Yankee fan who named his daughter Mickey Mantle and his dog Bucky Dent is most likely not able to pay for a $400. bleacher seat during the World Series.  It’s as simple as that.

It has nothing to do with the new concrete and bricks laid just across from the “House that Ruth Built,” and its not the absence of the “Stadium Club” or the “Pinstripe Pub.”  Let us see our boys play for a fair price.  Saying that we don’t care anymore is taking it too far. Go to any Yankee bar in the metro area and you’ll see throngs of people wearin Posada tees, downing pitchers of PBR and cheering “Youkilis sucks!”  Visit a little league field in the Bronx and I guarantee every kid is wearing Jeter’s Nike cletes because he is STILL their hero, no matter what the ticket price is.

So here’s what I say. We supported YOU, Yankee Stadium, during the good times (’96) and the bad (Carl Pavano.)

Help us out in the wallet dept. and we promise to bring back the screaming, chanting, fighting, cursing, and middle fingers of yesteryear that all of you sportscasters seem to miss so much.

Thats all I got. “Clang Clang Clang” SNL


Yankee Fan interviews Phillies Fan. The Epic Battle.

So… how come we never see fans interviewing fans in the media? The nitty gritty questions that we all want to see asked…. no ERAs no stats… just the stuff that matters most. So… I hand selected a “Frillies” fan to endure my anger-fueled questioning… all for the sake of intense investigative journalism… uh… blogging…

(**Disclaimer: No Phillies fans were actually injured or yelled at during the drafting of this blog. sorta. :))

Yankee Fan: What do you think of the New York Post putting your player in a cheerleader skirt on their front cover and referring to them as the ever so accurate name, “The Frillies?”

Frillies Fan: Initially I was kinda mad about the article but realized that such an article wouldn’t be written if the NY community didn’t have a decent amount of fear about taking on the defending World Champions.

(**he seems to have forgotten that they beat Tampa Bay last year.)

Yankee Fan: What’s up with your pitcher disrespectin my Yanks last night by laughing on the mound? Does he wanna fight?!

Frillies Fan: I knew Cliff Lee was a relaxed kind of guy and maybe I am anxious but his demeanor seemed too relaxed for me. I can’t knock him cuz he was “lights out,” but it really did seem like he was playing catch with his son. I loved it.  But, if we would have lost he would have been torn to shreds by the media.

(Cliff Lee must be tested for performance-relaxing drugs. Immediately!)

Yankees Fan: Why do you ruin steak with Cheez Whiz?

Frillies Fan: Whiz is freakin epic.

(This kid’s never had a Delmonaco at Tom Colicchio’s “Craftsteak” before)

Yankees Fan: Your team sucked for a long time. Whats up with that? Also, why a green fat chicken as a mascot?

Frillies Fan: Yes, we have been bad for a long time so its awesome to finally care about baseball in October. I remember the ’93 series when Joe Carter crushed that fast ball from Mitch Williams… Even at eight years old, I was furious. People make a big deal that we have the most losses of any professional sports team ever but, we’ve been a team since 1883 so they have had way more chances to lose than any other sports team in history.  As for the “Fanatic,” I dig it.

(Little does he know, he will add four more losses to that massive column come next week, and NYers love to eat green grilled chicken.)

Then he tried to ask me a question, and I flipped him the finger. 🙂

Till next time kids… Yankees in 6. SNL

me beating nicky up

Yankee Punch