Holy Ravioli, that’s Anderson Cooper…

Despite what you may think, this blog is not entirely devoted to Yankee fanatic behavior or rants and raves about why Jimmie Johnson is WAY cuter than Carl Edwards and his crazy biceps. No my friends… I actually may provide a bit of insight for your reading pleasure.  

Humor me.  One night this summer, one of my fantastic friends invited me to see “West Side Story” on Broadway but enticed me even further with a claim of a surprise at the end of the night.  Surprise?! Free pic with the Naked Cowboy? Half price margaritas at Dos Caminos? No… better.  

After a quick run in 3 inch heels across town in the pouring rain, we arrived at an unmarked, and seemingly abandoned brownstone building with huge oak doors.  This place lacked the typical glaring neon signs, traffic, and fried food specials that the Theatre District is often mistaken for which was more than a pleasant surprise. Excited yet? What is this secret den I speak of? None other than… BAR CENTRALE 324 w 26th St http://www.barcentralenyc.com/youfoundus.html, a secret lounge/bar mysteriously tucked away for only those who seek refuge from the 8 trillion fanny-pack wearin’ tourists of Times Square which lie just a few feet away…

We stepped behind a heavy purple velvet drape to find a hidden spot , stuck in the 1920’s, serving small plates such as Olive Tapanade, Tuna Tartare, and other delectable goodies.  As we settled into our surroundings, we noticed a few characters at the bar, one curiously authentic bartender (the bow-tie did it for me,) a few business types and some guy who my friend insists to this day was Don Johnson. It wasn’t. 🙂

As I turn around to fight my case against her crazy claim, I find I am staring at Anderson Cooper, fresh off of his evening broadcast, looking as if he stepped off of the set of a Banana Republic ad. (Chinos and a tee, come on he could have done better.) After I stopped drooling, I ordered a Prosecco and proceeded to fall in love with this place and everyone in it.  Prosecco, CNN correspondents and Miami Vice look-alikes? Need I say more? Oh, btw, they have a fancy bathroom. Girls appreciate that. 

I could go on and on.. but, I give this place 3 stars for not only the generous service, cool celeb factor, and mysterious veil of secrecy, (i’m telling you, you’re not going to find it) but for the fact that it made me feel like I was one of those cool celebrities fresh off of my own television show…   So, if you manage to find the damn place, let me know… i’ll try to meet you there for a drink. 😉



It’s Raining… on Prom Night…

I can’t WAIT for tonight’s “swim meet,” er… uh… “baseball game” tonight at Yankee Stadium for Game 1 of the World Series! Are you kidding me? It’s a freakin TSUNAMI out there!

How are we going to play a fair/intense/(rigged by the umps) game tonight? All kidding aside… it raises a big question… Are games of importance like the World Series subject to an extra decision filter when it comes to weather-related issues? Perhaps.

But on the other hand… do we cancel because its raining? OR, leave the Game on because of all the hype/ticket/beer sales?  I say we play. Nothing’s better than sitting at the stadium, poncho on, water-logged Bud Light in hand, dancin like a fool to “Cotton Eye Joe.”

After all, why did’nt we cancel the playoff game two years ago when the bugs descended upon Jacobs Field (Joba Chamberlain’s neck) in the eighth inning of Game 2 ALDS in Cleveland? We lost that game. We lost that series. We lost our temper.

Would hate to see some angry NYers go ballistic because they didnt get to see their Yankees play from the $400. bleacher seats because of a little rain.

Peep the Jeter Dance…

Not. Cute. We play on tonight….


“It’s an A-Bomb….”

From A-Rod… Well, maybe… haven’t seen many yet in the post-season…

Q: What the heck is “Holy Ravioli?!”  Answer: An experimental attempt to chronicle my thoughts on sports, travel, NYC happenings and Italian food all lumped together, forming one bad-ass lasagna of a blog.

I struggled with the title of this blog…. but, “Holy Ravioli” really speaks to what we’re discussing here… A blog on cheese and pasta? No… well, sorta.  There will be cheese and there will be pasta. But here’s where I was going…

Remember the days of your favorite sportscaster and their tag line? Some famous ones include:

Stuart Scott (ESPN) “Boo-Yah!” –  original, to the point, enthusiastic

Phil Rizutto (WPIX, back in the day for the NYers) – “Holy Cow!” – A classic, that no one can duplicate

John Sterling (WCBS Radio NY) – “It is high! It is Far! It is gone!” (Even when its not… 🙂 Note*** We will come back to John Sterling one of these days… he is a man who deserves his own post on his many many radio calls. Some terrible, some hilarious… most inaccurate.  🙂

And so on… and so on… So, welcome to “Holy Ravioli,” my own personal sportscaster call and “holla” for all things fantastic.